08/18/2016 12:49 EDT | Updated 08/18/2016 12:59 EDT

Laundry Tips That Will Save Your Clothes And Your Time

And don't forget to clean the machine!

In the video above by The Washington Post, we discover eight laundry tricks that will help extend the life of your favourite fabrics.

Constantly washing your clothes in cold water? It might be more cost effective but, when it comes to killing bacteria, heat is the way to go. Then again, some clothes hold up better in warm water. To be safe, always check your garment's labels.

And while you're there, double check the drying instructions. Instead of tossing everything in the dryer, separate items by the amount of time they'll take to dry and avoid putting things like towels and gym clothes —which don't require fabric softener — in with items that do.

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