08/19/2016 04:37 EDT | Updated 08/22/2016 07:59 EDT

23 Of The Coolest People From Brampton

The Flower City is a hotbed for success.

As Canada's ninth largest city, Brampton, Ont., is home to a mix of diverse talent, from athletes to actors to up-and-coming music legends.

The suburb also happens to be the Greater Toronto Area's youngest community, with a median age of 34.7, so it's no surprise some of their most successful natives started out at a young age.

Whether they were born in Brampton, attended school there or just love to talk about the city in their post-B-Town lives, these are just some of the people that make the city so rich in culture.

Another fun fact is the suburb's love affair with the Thicke family. Actor Alan Thicke (father of Robin) lived with his step-father Dr. Brian Thicke in Brampton and was even inducted in the Brampton Arts Walk of Fame in 2015, the Brampton Guardian reports.

From comic legends like Russell Peters to actors like Michael Cera to poets like Rupi Kaur, it's a pretty cool time to be representing Brampton. Here are 23 locals who have made the Flower City their home. Let us know, which ones did we miss?

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