08/22/2016 04:56 EDT | Updated 08/22/2016 04:59 EDT

First Day Of School: These Siblings Have Very Different Reactions

For some kids, the first day of school is almost like Christmas. For others, it can be quite a drag.

And one hilarious mother caught both reactions on camera, courtesy of her kids. The photo was then posted to Reddit and Imgur for parents to have a chuckle.

There's two types of kids on the first day of school..

The woman's daughter is the main focal point of the photo. And with her big, bright smile and knapsack strapped to her back, looks like she's ready to take on the brand new school year.

Her brother, however, seems like he may be ready to bail. Poor kid!

It seems as though both Imgur and Reddit users could relate to the photo, with some reminiscing about their elementary school woes, while others related the pic to adulthood.

Imgur user Toasterpops shared, "First day, I turned around from my mum 'Bye!' I shouted and ran away. Brother bawled his eyes out and gripped onto the walls to avoid going."

"I feel like the kid in the back when I think about starting college classes in my mid twenties," Reddit user Lesser_of_two_Elvis added.

Even a teacher could relate, commenting, "As a teacher, I am both of these children- but, you know, as an adult."

Oh, the memories.

How did you react to your first day of school as a kid? Let us know the in comments below!


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