08/23/2016 04:19 EDT | Updated 08/23/2016 04:59 EDT

#MermaidThighs Is The Best Response To The Thigh Gap

The body-positive answer to the thigh gap.

Over the years, the thigh gap has become some sort of weird social media obsession. We're not entirely sure how this happened, but to be honest, it's pretty strange. This desire to achieve an obscure space between the inner thigh? It's just B.S.


So when we heard about a new thigh trend, we didn't know how to feel at first.

But then we figured out what #MermaidThighs was all about. And guys, this is a totally awesome body positive trend that we can get on board with.

What exactly is this hashtag all about? This tweet perfectly sums it up:

"The hashtag reminding us beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. 😁💞 #BodyPositive," Twitter user @HomaBound wrote.

When you search the hashtag on social media, you are presented with an array of full body selfies of women showing off their thighs, which touch just like a mermaid's. The movement is not about putting pressure on women to become skinny, rather it is to champion women for their bodies.

#Mermaidthighs #Thighs #Mermaid

A photo posted by @gah_elle on

So, if we keep celebrating women's bodies and the #MermaidThighs movement, we will all be one step closer to becoming a mermaid, which we're totally okay with.

#Fabulous, indeed.

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