08/23/2016 11:14 EDT | Updated 08/23/2016 11:59 EDT

Westlock, Alberta Floods After Heavy Rains

Residents haven't seen flooding like this for 40 years.

CP/HO-Adrienne Rimmer

WESTLOCK, Alta. — Heavy rain has caused significant flooding in areas north and west of Edmonton.

The Alberta government had issued an emergency alert for Westlock on Monday night but cancelled it early Tuesday as floodwaters began to recede. The government said there were still areas under water, but that the risk of flooding had been reduced.

Dean Krause, chief administrative officer for the town about an hour north of Edmonton, says some businesses in the downtown core are flooded as are basements, but key infrastructure such as the hospital is safe and accessible.

He says longtime residents have told him they haven't seen flooding like this for 40 years or more.

Flooding in Westlock, Alta., is shown in this photo from Monday. (Photo: CP/HO-Adrienne Rimmer)

Environment Canada had issued a rainfall warning for the area, saying it could receive 50 to 75 millimetres by Tuesday morning.

Adrienne Rimmer, duty manager at the Westlock Inn, says the water was up to their doors and their parking lot was flooded on Monday.

"We have lakefront property right now,'' Rimmer said.

Krause said some town roads are closed off and emergency crews were out assisting people.

"Portions of our town's streets are under water. We've closed Highway 44 coming into town from the south, we've closed Highway 18 going west from the town because it's flooded and our industrial park, we have closed the roads there because of flooding.''

Krause said the province has contacted the town to see if they need assistance, but so far they don't.

In its update early Tuesday, the provincial government urged residents to obey all barricades and signs and to avoid driving into flooded areas or roads because of hidden hazards that may be under the water.

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