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Oral Sex Positions: 15 Moves That Will Make You Orgasm

Wait until you try the "Flying Eagle."

If you want to experience the 'Big O' during oral sex, it's all about nailing the right position.

Sure, oral sex may seem pretty straightforward, but sexologist and author Jessica O’Reilly of Hot Sex Tips, Tricks, And Licks says there is so much you can do with your body to enjoy pleasurable oral sex. And before you go down on your partner, the first step starts with being comfortable with your own body first.

"If you love your body and are more familiar with your body, your partner is more likely to follow with increased comforts levels," she tells The Huffington Post Canada. "Give your partner directions. Often we avoid sexual activities at which we don’t feel adept. Show your partner how you like it and offer positive feedback and you’ll be more likely to find yourself on the receiving end of oral."

For people who are new to oral sex, O’Reilly says some of the biggest concerns people have is that they are too shy to ask for feedback and directions, and they don't relax.

"Work your way toward their hot spots slowly, you don’t have to dive in for the kill right away," she says. "Pay attention to their peripheral areas like the pubic mound, inner thighs and lower abdomen. You’ll draw awareness to the area and create anticipation which can intensify orgasms once they arise."

As everyone's experience with oral sex differs, O'Reilly has tips on how to have the best oral sex, depending on the type of oral sex lover you are.

Her best tip? Always use lube.

Below, O’Reilly has come up with 15 steamy moves to change up your oral sex game. From the simple "Side Wrap" to taking your deep-throat game to the next level, here are some new moves to add to your roster.

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