08/24/2016 09:37 EDT | Updated 08/24/2016 09:59 EDT

Seal Borrows B.C. Boat To Escape Killer Whales Like A Boss

Natural selection, amirite?

Talk about being ocean smart.

A seal swimming off the coast of Vancouver Island escaped a pod of killer whales by hitching a ride on someone's boat on Monday.

Peter Hamilton, founder of the Lifeforce ecology organization, said the seal had about 10 orcas on its tail.

(Photo: Lifeforce Foundation/Peter Hamilton)

The seal, who clearly wasn't having any of that whole "being lunch" thing, hopped into the back of a boat and camped out for about half an hour. (Watch video above.)

Hamilton said the whales eventually gave up and left, and the seal "cautiously" slipped back into the water and swam way.

The ecologist told The Huffington Post Canada it's an incident that "happens very rarely."

(Photo: Lifeforce Foundation/Peter Hamilton)

Last summer, another seal pulled the same stunt to avoid being eaten by killer whales in B.C.'s Desolation Sound.

(Photo: Josh McInnes)

To help protect the animals in B.C., people are advised to stay stay at least 100 metres away from marine animals or birds. If boaters find themselves stuck too close to an animal, they're advised to stay still and let the animals pass.

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