Ten-Year-Old Girl Pulled From Italy Earthquake Wreckage

She's 10 years old.

Rescue workers in Italy were jubilant Wednesday as they pulled a 10-year-old girl from the wreckage of a massive earthquake.

The 6.2-magnitude quake has left at least 247 people dead and levelled three towns: Pescara del Tronto, Amatrice and Accumoli.

The girl had been trapped upside down for 17 hours in Pescara del Tronto when one person spotted something moving in the ruins of a building, according to Sky News.

"You can hear something under here. Quiet, quiet," one rescue worker said, according to The Associated Press.

The worker then started to encourage her: "Come on, Giulia, come on, Giulia."

The gathered crowd cheered and clapped as she was pulled out, safe in her rescuer's arms.

"Unfortunately, 90 per cent we pull out are dead, but some make it, that's why we are here."

A firefighter told Sky the girl was taken to hospital, but there was no other word on her condition.

Italy's health minister told the BBC that many quake victims were children. The broadcaster said there were warnings the death toll could climb.

Hundreds of aftershocks have made rescue efforts more difficult, but one volunteer working in Amatrice told The Associated Press they wouldn't give up.

"Unfortunately, 90 per cent we pull out are dead, but some make it, that's why we are here," Christian Bianchetti said.

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