How To Make Your Food Last Longer

There’s nothing worse than leafy greens you bought last week turning brown.

There’s nothing worse than taking a look in the fridge and finding that the leafy greens you bought last week have turned brown.

Expired foods are one of main contributors to food waste in Canada. Around 80 per cent of food waste created by consumers was once perfectly edible. Fresh food spoils much faster than foods that are frozen or dried, but it can be difficult to eat everything in the short period that it’s still fresh.

The key to prolonging the life of fresh foods is the way you store it. Making small changes to how you package your groceries can buy you a few more days of freshness so you don’t have throw out those leafy greens or other fruits and vegetables.

The video above, by Pennygem, shows you five easy tips and tricks to making your food last longer.

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