08/26/2016 10:07 EDT | Updated 08/26/2016 10:59 EDT

Netflix Canada: What's Good In September 2016?

20th Century Fox/YouTube

The month of September on Netflix Canada includes a double dose of DiCaprio.

The streaming service will feature two of Leo's critically acclaimed films next month: "The Revenant" and "Inception."

But if mind-twisting plots or a brutal tale of revenge and survival in the wilderness don't sound interesting to you, Netflix has you covered.

Check out some of Netflix Canada's September 2016 offerings in the slideshow below. You can find our picks under the gallery:

Netflix Canada Picks for September 2016


"The Revenant"

Leonardo DiCaprio plays explorer Hugh Glass, who decides to embark on an unholy mission of revenge while simultaneously trying to survive the brutal wilderness. Watch this and you'll know exactly why DiCaprio finally scored his Oscar.

"Green Room"

A punk band's tour ends with a horrific experience at a neo-Nazi bar. What follows next is ungodly violence, tension and... Patrick Stewart?


Before he was a beast of the wild in "The Revenant," DiCaprio melted our minds* in this sci-fi flick from Christopher Nolan. "Inception" follows the escapades of professional thief Dominick "Dom" Cobb, who must pull off his greatest heist ever by manipulating his targets' minds.

*Seriously. You will be very entertained and confused.


"Dragon's Den" - Season 10

This show features people who want funding for their businesses and inventions attempting to court five super rich business moguls. Say hello to quality entertainment.

"Schitt's Creek" - Season 2

"Egad!" you exclaim, "two CBC shows in the same list?" Yes, sometimes our national broadcaster creates some very entertaining shows. This comedy, which follows a previously-rich family's new life in a small town, is a good example.

"Narcos" - Season 2

Netflix's original series on notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is a compelling watch, and the show's second season looks promising.