08/28/2016 01:11 EDT | Updated 08/28/2016 06:59 EDT

Jordan Kilganon Slam Dunks Over NBA Legends, Leaves Everybody Speechless

"We'll be talking about this ten years from now that he was an android, I bet."

Meet the Canadian "Air Jordan."

Jordan Kilganon, who hails from Sudbury, Ont., is one of the world's foremost basketball dunkers, but his latest moves continue to floor former NBA pros — and they've seen almost everything.

Earlier this month, the Canadian was planted in the crowd at NBA House in Rio de Janeiro, and "chosen" to dunk in front of ex-NBA All-Stars Gary Payton and Glen Rice.

Kilganon, who is 6'1", grabs the ball from Payton's outstretched hand and gracefully dunks it. Oh, and he was wearing jeans. No big deal.

Just watch Payton's reaction:

The Canadian proceeded to sink several more dunks, each with increasing levels of difficulty.

So THIS went down at #NBAHouseRio! @jordankilganon

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Clips of Kilganon's athleticism and quantum leaps attract an international audience online.

He first caught many people's attention in February when he landed a particularly challenging dunk (again in jeans), even getting courtside props from Drake.

Kilganon told ESPN he was named after former NBA superstar Michael Jordan.

"I was always fascinated by people being able to jump high — it looks like they're floating," said Kilganon to the news outlet.

Though he was the "best at basketball" at his school, he said he would have actually pursued volleyball. Instead, Kilganon decided to pour his energies into dunking, for which he is "making pretty good money," he told ESPN.

Kilganon attended Humber College for Industrial Design.

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