08/29/2016 12:21 EDT | Updated 08/29/2016 12:59 EDT

#RedefineWomen: Women Call Out Google's Sexist Word Definitions

Two Australian advertising executives Georgia Patch and Kiah Nicholas have noticed that Google's definition for words like "promiscuous," and "housework" have something in common — and they aren't afraid to call the tech company out on it.

Certain words, the duo noticed, always use the term "she" in the definition example, which they believe insinuates sexist connotations. So they created the hashtag #RedefineWomen on Instagram to push back.

"We noticed that the sentence examples Google Search [was] aggregating to bring definitions to life were objectively sexist," Patch and Nicholas told "Some of them sounded like they were straight out of the 1950s. We decided to tackle this problem head on."

However, while the women aren't exactly impressed with the search engine's terms, they are hopeful that the company will be open to fixing the problem, Mashable reported.

"We see Google as a really progressive and forward-thinking company," Patch told the publication on Friday. "We think they'd be so on-board with something like this, and want to maintain that positive perception and trust people have in Google."

A spokesperson for the tech giant has since followed up and told Mashable Australia via email that the definitions are taken from the Oxford Dictionary and don't necessarily reflect the views of Google.

"As a company, we strongly value gender equality and a diversity of perspectives, ideas and cultures," the spokesperson explained. "We are looking into the issue, but you can always give feedback on definitions you find unacceptable, so we can improve these results over time."

Redefine Women currently has over 900 followers and counting on Instagram.

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