08/30/2016 06:03 EDT | Updated 08/30/2016 06:59 EDT

Black Pussy's Calgary Show Back On, Despite Outcry

"They assert that their band name is not intended to be derogatory."

A controversially named rock band's Calgary show is back on.

Black Pussy was originally scheduled to play at the Palomino on Sept. 17, before the show was cancelled over concerns about the band's name.

The Portland group, which is made up of five white men, has been accused of sexism and racism.

Now, the show is back on, albeit at a different venue.

"The members of Black Pussy are our friends. They assert that their band name is not intended to be derogatory," wrote Distortion, the local metal venue hosting the show, on its Facebook page.

"There will be no discrimination, racism, sexism or stereotyping welcome at our establishment. We appreciate respectful, meaningful and sensitive dialogue about what this band name means to you individually, and ask that each individual is allowed a safe space to engage."

Since the band's first show was cancelled, fans of Black Pussy have been attacking naysayers online.

The Palomino's original post announcing the decision to cancel the show was deleted after it was hit by hundreds of angry comments, some of which threatened violence against those upset with the band.

One commenter told Metro News that she received over 50 threatening messages for criticizing Black Pussy on Facebook.

Portland rock band Black Pussy will be playing a show in Calgary, despite controversy over the band's name. (Photo: Black Pussy)

"Not interested in being a part of a scene that tolerates racist and sexist attitudes, or the apologists for it," wrote another commenter on Facebook. "It's clear to me that this is not a welcoming environment for a significant contingent of the music scene."

The band's name is a reference to the original title of Rolling Stones song "Brown Sugar." The song, which is about raping slaves, was listed as one of the most racist songs of all time by Hip Hop Wired.

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