08/30/2016 04:13 EDT | Updated 08/30/2016 04:59 EDT

American Surfers Piss Off Tofino Locals With Flaming Log Stunt

A professional surfer's adventure show has angered some locals in B.C.

A recent episode of Red Bull TV 's "Who Is JOB" shows Jamie O'Brien and his castmates set a log on fire in a Vancouver Island lake, then surf over it.

(via Red Bull TV)

CBC News spoke to Josh Temple of Tofino's Ocean Outfitters, who says the video was filmed in "pristine" Kennedy Lake.

"To see celebrities come in and a massive international corporation come in to our backyard and behave like this made me sick to my stomach," he told the broadcaster. "I couldn't believe what I was watching."

Video taken down

The clip also includes footage of one surfer picking up what seems to be a dead fish and eating it.

Red Bull Media House, which produces Red Bull TV, has apologized and taken down the video.

(via Red Bull TV)

Temple reported the video to B.C.'s Report All Poachers and Polluters line, according to CHEK News. He told the outlet that seeing a big company like Red Bull promote the video felt like a "slap in the face to our community and our local wildlife."

Users on Twitter also blasted Red Bull for the stunt:

Temple wants a full investigation into the footage, as well as a public apology from O'Brien and Red Bull, Westerly News reports.

“You can't tell me that they didn't know what they were doing was wrong,” he said.

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