09/01/2016 10:21 EDT | Updated 09/01/2016 10:59 EDT

Calgary Bylaw May Put An End To Anti-Abortion Flyers

Scott Tysick

The City of Calgary might soon put an end to those graphic anti-abortion flyers many residents have been finding in their mailboxes.

The city is reviewing its bylaws with an online survey asking citizens for input.

The survey asks if a "no flyers" or "no junk mail" sign should also prohibit the delivery of non-commercial mail. Currently, the signs just ban mail from businesses, but if extended to non-commercial it would also ban literature advocating for particular causes.

“Where we’re having difficulty is when groups are putting literature in people’s mailbox that people find offensive,” Alvin Murray, chief bylaw officer for the city, told Metro News.

Parents upset over flyers

Calgary-based non-profit The Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform has received flak for delivering disturbing postcards to Calgary neighbourhoods.

Calgarian Jodi Rempel said a card left at her door showing a murdered Rwandan child was spotted by her young son.

“So our kids are grabbing these and seeing them and then running to us asking questions," Rempel said to CTV News.

Murray said the community standards bylaws haven't been updated in a decade.

"We don't want to make wholesale changes if we don't need to. If citizens are happy with the way things are then it's important for everybody to voice their opinions," he added, in an interview with CBC News.

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