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Simon-Pierre Canuel, Quebec Restaurant Customer, Lied About Having Allergies, Says Ex-Partner

The customer who filed a high-profile complaint against a restaurant server is lying about having allergies, said his ex-partner.

Simon-Pierre Canuel, 34, was hospitalized in May for a serious allergic reaction. He claims that despite telling the server at Le Tapageur restaurant in Sherbrooke about his seafood allergy several times, he was given salmon tartare.

He told Radio-Canada that he had forgotten his Epi-Pen — a device that injects epinephrine to treat allergic reactions — in the car.

simon pierre canuel

Simon-Pierre Canuel, 34, was hospitalized in May after a severe allergic reaction to seafood.

However, his ex-partner told The Huffington Post Quebec that Canuel "was never allergic to fish or any seafood" during the course of their relationship.

"In fact, he ate it often. So I am quite surprised by this whole situation," he added.

Police have been deciding whether accusations of criminal negligence will be filed against the waiter in Sherbrooke.

Court cases in France

According to the description provided by this ex-partner, Canuel was a regular in the courts when he lived in France.

"He tried to file many court cases in France for all sorts of reasons, each more imaginative than the last," said the man, who wants his identity withheld because he fears litigation from Canuel.

Sherbrooke police confirmed they are aware of the claims. "I can confirm that these types of allegations were reported to us, but I am not able to confirm the facts," said police spokesperson Martin Carrier, not wishing to interfere with the ongoing investigation.

"He tried to file many court cases in France for all sorts of reasons, each more imaginative than the last."

Cogeco Nouvelles reported that Canuel apparently asked for damages from at least two other restaurants.

Police confirmed to the Journal de Montréal that the investigation has gone beyond the borders of Quebec, since one of the incidents took place in France.

In an interview with the newspaper, Canuel denied the allegations. "It's totally false, and actions have been taken against the people who are responsible for spreading this information," he replied.

He added that he would be issuing a press release shortly.

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