09/01/2016 12:46 EDT | Updated 09/01/2016 12:59 EDT

Eric Olauson Removed As Chair Of Caucus Committee After Facebook Like

The official says the post "liked'' by Olauson is not acceptable.

Saskatchewan Party

REGINA — A Saskatoon MLA has been removed as chairman of a caucus committee for "liking'' a Facebook post that talks about slapping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau supporters.

The post by on the Facebook site of Elect Conservatives in 2019 shows a man with the words: "I don't always slap the s--t out of Justin Trudeau supporters, but when I do I blame climate change.''

Eric Olauson, a Saskatchewan Party MLA, "liked'' the post on Tuesday.

"Liking'' a post means someone is acknowledging it without leaving a comment.

Asked to stay off social media

A government official says Olauson has been removed as head of the of the Municipal Co-operation Committee, which is an internal, not legislative, group, and has also been asked to stay off social media for awhile.

The official says the post "liked'' by Olauson is not acceptable and doesn't reflect the views of the government.

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