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Screen Time For Kids Can Be Balanced Out By A Good Ol' Dance Party

It all comes down to balance. And sometimes a car wash.

For better or for worse, technology reminds siblings Meg Wismer and Leigh Combrink of themselves.

“Technology is like having a sister," Meg explains. "You want her there sometimes and other times you’re like, ‘Get the hell out of my house, I’ve seen you too much.’”

As parenting bloggers rearing three kids each, the two busy women from Bradford, Ont. are virtual heroines for sharing their motherhood misadventures on their social feeds. But they also know logging off is key to avoiding the addictive pitfalls of constant screen time.

Meg controls screen time is by issuing "no tech days." Pulling the plug is how she teaches her kids how to be responsible with their usage.

Another tip: Keep the iPads indoors, not in public spaces.

"If your kids have to bring their iPads, or iPads or whatever the hell else, you know what's going to happen?" she asks. "I'm going to walk into them and I'm not going to say sorry."

That doesn't mean the moms are electronic haters. When the speakers are blaring tunes, it often spurs impromptu family dance jams (embarrassing mom moves be damned).

To see how the sisters struggle to keep their kids' screen use healthy, watch the latest episode of Apparently.

'Apparently' is AOL's new Originals series that shows the hilarity (and chaos) that comes with having kids. Canadian sisters, bloggers and moms Meg and Leigh are giving us an all-access pass into their lives. From the shitstorm that is the morning routine to the desperate attempts to find 'me time,' these oh-so-relatable women give us an honest look at what it means to be a parent (Now, where's the coffee?).

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