09/02/2016 06:56 EDT | Updated 09/07/2016 04:40 EDT

Toronto Cyclist 'Doored' By Truck And Knocked Into Pole

A Toronto cyclist was sent flying into a street pole last month after being "doored" by a truck parked illegally in a bike lane.

On Aug. 26, Chelsea Mobishwash was riding down Adelaide Street when she noticed a delivery truck in the bike lane.

As she rode closer, the cyclist rang her bell as a heads up to anyone who might be inside the vehicle, reported CBC News.

But then, without warning, the passenger-side door opened and hit her.

"I had an eerie feeling that something was going to happen," the cyclist told the outlet. "Right as I was biking by I felt something hit me. To be honest I really didn't even know what it was until I hit the ground."

cyclist car door

(Screenshot via YouTube)

Surveillance footage Mobishwash posted on YouTube Tuesday shows the cyclist smashing into the door and being knocked into a nearby post. (Watch above.)

Mobishwash, 25, told The Toronto Star that she needed six stitches to close a cut on her arm after the accident, and that she was left with bruising down her side.

She told the outlet that she has filed a police report.

Punishable offence

In Toronto, "dooring" is an offence punishable by a $365 fine, as well as three demerit points.

On Aug. 22, another cyclist suffered minor injuries when he was hit by a taxi. The cab driver was charged dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and assault with a weapon a few days later, reported CP24.

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