09/03/2016 16:33 EDT | Updated 09/04/2017 01:12 EDT

Edmonton man charged with first degree murder following death of elderly couple

EDMONTON — An Edmonton man faces several charges in connection with the death of an elderly couple.

Edmonton police have charged Edward Kyle Roberts, 31, with first degree murder, break and enter and possession of a weapon.

Police allege Roberts broke into a residence and stole a knife that they allege he used to kill Joao Nascimento, 93, and Maria Nascimento, 81.

Police spokesman Scott Pattison says a neighbour reported a suspicious person seen loitering in the area on Friday.

Pattison say police discovered the bodies of the two victims when they entered their residence.

Police say the cause of death will be officially confirmed following autopsies scheduled for Tuesday.

Pattison says the couple had been married for forty years and their sudden death was "extremely tragic."

"(They were) in the latter years of their life, living a peaceful existence," he says.

Pattison could not speculate on a motive but says investigators believe the couple were "random targets."

It's not known when Roberts will appear in court.