09/03/2016 05:39 EDT | Updated 09/03/2016 05:59 EDT

Montreal Poop Ad Is Meant To Inspire Residents To Pick Up Their Trash

There are things you walk by on the street that makes you think they have fallen from the sky, or were left behind by extraterrestrial beings.

This pile of plastic dog poop on a Montreal bus shelter is neither, but still has citizens scratching their heads.

As part of a campaign to address street cleanliness, the city of Montreal has installed several ads around the city, as well as a few unconventional fixtures, the Montreal Gazette reports.

One of those is a large plastic pile of dung with orbiting "flies" for added effect, along with the tagline “Ton caca de chien, ce n’est pas rien.” (Your dog poop, it’s not nothing.)

Dog owners not cleaning up after their pets is a problem the city has dealt with as far back at 2013, but street cleanliness also has been an issue.

“If your eye isn’t attracted by this campaign, we won’t know what else to do,” Anie Samson, the vice chair of Montreal’s executive committee, tells the Gazette.

This initiative is meant to get residents to keep the streets tidy.

The city had five sculptures installed around downtown, including a crumpled coffee cup, a pile of graffiti and spray paint cans and, of course, a load of dog poop, according to Global News.

The city has created videos and has hired circus performers as part of the $950,000 campaign, the Gazette reports.

Francois Limoges with opposing group Projet Montreal tells Global he thinks the money would have been better used hiring more inspectors.

So far the shock factor has got people talking and many tourists were amused by the sculpture.

"I think it's quite creative, and a lot of fun and it made me smile," Rhonda Levy a tourist from the U.S. told radio station CJAD. "I think it shows that the city has a good sense of humour."

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