09/05/2016 09:20 EDT | Updated 09/30/2016 01:58 EDT

The Universal Truth About Parenting: No One Has All The Answers

And: your kids grow up in the blink of an eye.

The food fights, chores and battles to get ready in the morning may seem frustrating in the moment, but in a blink, 10 years go by and your kids are halfway to adulthood.

Parenting bloggers and sisters Meg Wismer and Leigh Combrink have the same worries as many parents have about their kids growing up and the mistakes that are inevitable along the way. And the pair tells it like it is in this final episode of "Apparently."

"Sometimes with parenting you don't have all the answers," Meg says. "You look back at what you did and think, 'Took a left, should've taken a right."

Life moves fast, but the lessons don't stop:

"Don't lick anyone's wall, ever. Don't put marbles in your mouth at school," Leigh lists.

"Don't pull down people's pants and say 'Hey, look at your bum,'" Meg chimes in.

Find out how these moms handle these and other life lessons in the video above.

To find out how these parenting warriors survive meal time mayhem, watch the video above.

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'Apparently' is AOL's new Originals series that shows the hilarity (and chaos) that comes with having kids. Canadian sisters, bloggers and moms Meg and Leigh are giving us an all-access pass into their lives. From the shitstorm that is the morning routine to the desperate attempts to find 'me time,' these oh-so-relatable women give us an honest look at what it means to be a parent (Now, where's the coffee?).

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