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Calgary Residents Say Planting Trees Will Encourage Crime

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Man cupping tree sapling

CALGARY — Protests over trees usually happen when they're being cut down, but some Calgary residents are upset the city has planted saplings in a park across from their homes.

Ian Burgess says some of his neighbours in the Brentwood neighbourhood near the University of Calgary yelled at contractors last week that were hired by the city to plant about a dozen small trees.

Burgess and others argue the trees will encourage crime by making it harder to see neighbouring homes and provide cover for urban campers, thieves or drug users.

They also say residents weren't told the trees were coming, nor were they consulted about where they should go.

Jeanette Wheeler, with the city of Calgary, says staff will think about relocating the trees but says crime prevention is considered when trees are planted.

Wheeler also says residents were asked for input on tree planting, both online as well as through the neighbourhood community association's newsletter.

The residents' concerns were mocked by some on social media.

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