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Carmen Chamblee Charged With Arson After Allegedly Torching Car She Thought Was Boyfriend's

Carmen Chamblee, 19, faces second-degree arson charges.

Can we blame Carrie Underwood for this?

In an incident that reminds us of the country's star's song "Before He Cheats," a woman in Florida has been charged after allegedly setting a car on fire that she thought belonged to an ex-boyfriend.

Carmen Chamblee, 19, faces second-degree arson charges after police in Clearwater say she torched a white car on Aug. 28, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Quite an unfortunate mistake

She told police she thought the car was her former boyfriend's.

Instead, it belonged to Thomas Jennings, who told WFTS his roommate woke him up that morning to let him know his vehicle was on fire.

He checked the surveillance camera footage around his home and saw a woman heading over to his sedan and lighting the trunk on fire, even fanning the flames.

"I have no idea who she is," he told the outlet. "I've never seen her in my life."

Fire investigators told WFTS a flaming rag was thrown in the gas tank and that the suspect was carrying some flammable liquid in a beach bag.

The Clearwater Police Department posted a video Saturday showing a woman they say is Chamblee feeding the flames.

Pinella County inmate records show she is awaiting trial and being held on US$10,000 bail.

You can see more on the story in the video above.

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