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Hacked Ottawa Road Sign Urges Drivers To Protect Private Parts From Zombies

Not your standard notice.

This road sign must have startled some motorists.

A hacked electronic sign spotted on the side of the road in an Ottawa suburb Monday warned drivers of a "road closed ahead" — but not because of an accident or construction.

"Zombie dicks ahead!" the sign in Stittsville read next. "Protect your vagina. Use condoms."

'Prepare for this to go viral'

Matt Sweeting-Woods posted a video of the sign to Instagram Monday, with the caption "Modern vandalism."

It's unclear when the sign was tampered with.

Ottawa Police Sgt. Dan Berrea told the Ottawa Citizen that the force would only open an investigation if someone complained.

No one seemed too upset about the prank, at least not on Sweeting-Woods' Instagram post.

"Prepare for this to go viral!" wrote one commenter. "Too funny."

"Travel issues," wrote another.

Don't try this at home, but you probably will anyway

The prankster may have taken direction from a 2009 post on Jalopnik, which teaches readers how to hack a road sign, right after warning them not to do so on their local streets.

The post was later updated with many examples of people definitely trying it themselves, creating signs that said "NAZI ZOMBIES! RUN!!" and "OMG THE BRITISH R COMING."

When one searches "how to hack a road sign" on Google, that post is the first one that comes up. Do we thank the auto site for potentially inspiring this latest hacker? We don't know.

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