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Candace Cameron Bure Kids: Her Daughter Looks Remarkably Like Brie Larson

Candace Cameron Bure is a mom with a sense of humour! Earlier this month, the “Fuller House” star noted the resemblance between her 18-year-old daughter Natasha and actress Brie Larson.

“Every time I scroll through & see a pic of Brie Larson, I think it's my daughter,” the 40-year-old mom joked on Twitter.

Bure isn’t wrong. Here’s a photo of Natasha looking a lot like the “Room” star.

🐾An Oldie but a Goodie🐾

A photo posted by Natasha Bure (@natashabure) on

And here’s another uncanny comparison. Can you guess who is who?

brie larson natasha bure

Natasha is the oldest child of Bure and her husband Valeri. The couple also has two sons: Lev, 16 and Maksim, 14.

While Natasha might have a strong resemblance to Brie Larson, she also looks strikingly similar to her famous mom. Just take a look at these Instagram photos of the mother-daughter duo. Everything from their big eyes to light hair and bright smiles are very similar.

A photo posted by Natasha Bure (@natashabure) on

A photo posted by Natasha Bure (@natashabure) on

A photo posted by Natasha Bure (@natashabure) on

Back in July, Bure told Us Weekly that her daughter was hoping to pursue a music career. One month later, Natasha confirmed this when she announced on Instagram that she auditioned for Season 11 of “The Voice.”

While fans won’t find out if Natasha made it through the audition round until the show airs on September 19, her YouTube channel reveals the young star has an incredibly good voice.

We can't wait to see how far this talented girl goes!

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