09/08/2016 02:39 EDT

Couple Welcomes 3 Kids In 3 Years... ALL ON THE SAME DAY

A North Dakota couple has defied the odds and welcomed three kids in three years on the exact same day.

On Sept. 1, Lauren and Seth Stevenson welcomed their third child, Henry. That same day, the infant’s older siblings, Axel and Tommie, celebrated their second and first birthdays, respectively.

“Wow. I couldn't believe it because it's pretty uncommon to have three kids a year apart on the same day,” the 23-year-old mom said. “I just couldn't believe it. Just the day God picked for us to have our babies on.”

Originally, the couple was expecting their newest addition to be born on Sept. 4. However, their little one clearly had other plans.

And it wasn’t just the Stevensons who were surprised by the coincidental births. Dr. William Lowe, who delivered all three of the couple’s boys, was stunned as well. During his 50-year career at CHI St. Alexius Health, he has never seen an occurrence like this.

“Generally people do not get pregnant that quickly in order to be at due date by the next year,” he told via email. However, he added that “it was an honour to participate in caring for [Lauren] throughout the pregnancies.”

According to the Dickinson Press, three is a meaningful number for the Stevensons. Not only did Lauren and Seth meet in 2013, but they dated for three months and had a three-day engagement.

“Generally people do not get pregnant that quickly in order to be at due date by the next year.”

While the couple never planned to have their kids so close together, let alone born on the same day, they have an inkling of how the coincidence came to be. Turns out, all three kids were likely conceived on the same day.

“New Year's Eve is always a fun evening,” Lauren told “You know, you go out... have a few drinks, and then one thing leads to another... and here we are with three kids!”

The couple hopes to have another child in the future, but for now, they are enjoying their kids while they’re young.

“I think we're going to give ourselves a little of a break so we can watch our kids grow for a few years, and then maybe go from there,” Lauren said.

Surprisingly, the Stevensons aren’t the only couple who has welcomed three boys, three years in a row. Virginia mom Shalonda Dominique welcomed her three sons – Tre, Santana and Harlem – all on March 13, consecutively starting in 2013.


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