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Homeschooling Photos That Will Break Every Misconception You Have

Yes, these kids are socialized. No, they're not weird.

There are a lot of misconceptions around the homeschooling community. When people hear "homeschool" they sometimes think "poor education" or "kids who are isolated."

But the reality of learning outside the standard classroom might surprise some. We looked to Instagram to debunk some of those myths and we found plenty of photographic evidence of just how wonderful homeschools can be.

So here we go, debunking one commonly held thought after another...

1. A home-school education is sub-par.

Reviewing the adding and subtracting they learned last year! #homeschool #gradeone #kindergarten

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#science is cool!! #homeschool #dna #ourhomeacademyofhigherlearning

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2. The environment isn't as stimulating.

Wednesday people. #homeschoolers

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#slinky #art at #weewarhols #actionart #processart

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3. The kids won't be socialized.

Budding scientists checking thermometers. #homeschool #classicalconversations #CC #science

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#Bkcardioclass #Homeschoolmom #homeschool #Christianhomeschoolmom

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4. They can't go to post-secondary school.

5. The parents don't know what they're doing.

🌲#homeschool #preschool #kindergarten #gradeone

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Time to make the lesson plans. #homeschoolmom #stayingorganized #homeschool #lotsofwork

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6. There are no checks and balances for the quality of the kids' education.

7. Homeschool families are weird.

(They look pretty adorable to us!)

I have no idea what Zeque is doing lol #homeschoolers

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