09/08/2016 12:44 EDT | Updated 09/09/2016 06:48 EDT

Travel With Kids: This Guy's Kindness Moves Entire Plane To Tears

Travelling while pregnant can be exhausting, especially if you also have another young child to look after. One mom recently experienced this struggle during a flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta when a stranger decided to help out.

“He told her that he was a DAD, and wanted to help her so she could rest,” a fellow passenger wrote on the Facebook page Love What Matters. “He walked the aisle most of the flight from Minneapolis to Atlanta comforting this woman's son as if he was his own.”

While the kind gesture was small, it left a big impact. “I was in tears,” the onlooker continued, “because it showed me today that there are still GOOD people out there in a world full of turmoil.”

Since the story was shared on Facebook, it has touched the hearts of many. “I am so crying at my desk right now,” one user said. “There IS still good in this crazy world!”

In the comments, other readers also shared stories of how small acts of kindness helped them when they were new parents.

Faith in humanity restored.


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