09/09/2016 01:57 EDT

Healthy School Lunch: 5 Things Not To Send To School

Kids are back in school, so parents are back to packing lunches. This is no easy task. First, we have to find stuff our picky eaters will actually eat (this changes by the day). We also have to avoid any potential risk to a child with food allergies (because no sandwich is worth someone's life). And then there's the whole health factor.

Nutritionists have weighed in on five unhealthy things to avoid packing in your kid's lunch. Watch the video above and you might be surprised at what makes the list.

Are school lunches that are healthy, edible and safe as elusive as a unicorn? Not at all. Here are some healthy lunch ideas from parents who face the same daily struggle.

Allergy-Free Lunches Safe For Back To School