09/09/2016 03:07 EDT | Updated 09/09/2016 03:07 EDT

How To Take A Selfie With A Celebrity

It's always selfie in Philadelphia.

If you're lucky enough to spot a celebrity during the Toronto International Film Festival, you'll want snag a selfie with them, right?

Of course you will.

But when the moment presents itself, will you be up to the task? Will you know which angle to attempt? The inclose cheek-to-cheek? The lurking in the background? The run by? So. Many. Options.

Lucky for you, HuffPost Canada has answers. We've enlisted A-lister "Danny DeVIto" — well his cardboard cutout as his stand-in — to teach us the ways of celebrity selfieology (don't Google it, we just made it up).

So watch the video above and take notes. Your selfie moment in the sun awaits.

And if you need to amp up your epic selfie, try doing so with these photo/video editing apps below:

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