09/09/2016 11:47 EDT

Trudeau-Trump Photo Is Made Out Of 100 Per Cent Nightmare Juice

A Bloomberg column by Stephen Marche comparing Justin Trudeau's use of social media to Donald Trump's was published on Thursday.

Its headline? "Why Trudeau Is Like Trump."

And if that wasn't inviting enough, check out the piece's accompanying photo:

The mashup of the prime minister and the Republican presidential nominee was, as you would expect, a hit on Twitter:

Even columnist Marche thought the photo was "somewhat terrifying:"

In his piece, the Canadian writer argues that Trudeau's mastery of going viral — posing with pandas, getting spotted shirtless more than once, etc. — has allowed him to circumvent political obstacles and controversy.

"If you can control the viral space, traditional politics don’t matter," Marche writes. "Virality provides one of the greatest political covers ever."

Toward the end of his column, however, Marche paints Trudeau as being "beyond" Trump as well as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. He says the prime minister has used social media not to just win popularity, but also to govern.

"The shirtless man emerging from the Quebec cave is eager to smile for the selfie," March writes. "That way, you won’t look to see what’s behind him. Everyone on Facebook will love it."

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