09/10/2016 09:44 EDT | Updated 09/10/2016 09:57 EDT

Gatineau University Student Club Apologizes For 'Vulgar' Game Asking For Photos Of Breasts

School just started.

A Quebec university student club may face sanctions after promoting a scavenger hunt that awarded points for getting a kiss from a girl or taking a photo of her breasts.

Critics said the "game" perpetuates rape culture on campus.

As part of a social event for journalism and communications students at an on-campus bar at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO), a written list outlines a scoring system.

Kiss a girl for one point, drink a shooter from a girl's cleavage for three points, reads the French list titled “The 12 works of Hercules." In blue, someone wrote "culture de viol," which translates to "culture of rape."

Nicholas Lucas-Rancourt, the UQO student who took the picture at Le Tonik student bar and shared it on Facebook, told The Huffington Post Canada that his background and upbringing prompted him to do something.

“As a future teacher, as an indigenous person, as a child raised by a single mother, and as a human being, oppression against women is a really important issue for me,” he said.

The university's women's committee president Valerie La France told CBC News: "This is the worst example of rape culture I've ever seen. It's the most vulgar one, too."

Commenters called the list “ridiculous” and “shameful.”

After complaints to the student union, organizers from Jeux de la Communication cancelled the event “to respond to the values of the university.”

Student group apologizes

In a statement on Friday, JDLC UQO — the campus club associated with the list — apologized to anyone who was offended it.

“The document in question is not official,” read a note from the club, which went on to say the list was meant to be an inside joke and underscored that the bar was not involved in it.

The statement ended with asking forgiveness for "this lack of judgment."

UQO officials said that an investigation has been launched into the matter and that disciplinary measures will be taken where appropriate.

University taking situation ‘very seriously’

Denis Harrisson, the school’s rector, issued a statement saying the university is taking the incident seriously. He acknowledged that sexual violence exists at the UQO and that cases are not always reported.

“Several events and incidents have occurred on several Canadian campuses in recent years. UQO is no exception, since an unfortunate event occurred last night at our Gatineau campus,” he said.

Canadian universities have been criticized in recent years for indirectly promoting a culture of sexual violence through lax and ineffective policies to address reports of on-campus assault and harassment.

Bilan Arte, national chairwoman of the Canadian Federation of Students, told The Canadian Press earlier this year that of the more than 100 colleges and universities across the country, only approximately two dozen schools have policies in place to address reports of sexual violence.

“Administrations have made it very clear to us as students that they're more interested in protecting their bottom line and their reputation than they are in actually protecting the campus community.”

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