09/12/2016 02:13 EDT

Foot And Nail Fungus: Everything You Need To Know About Grody Toes

With the weather getting cooler it's time to put away your flip flops and sandals and break out comfy sneakers and socks. Though it's tempting to go sock-less in your closed-toe fall shoes, you might want to think twice before you lace up.

Dermatologist Julia Carroll says 2.4 million Canadians suffer from ugly, embarrassing and contagious toenail fungus — a condition linked to excess moisture that can be caused by closed-toe shoes.

Nail fungus is a common concern — it's often identified by nail discolouration, brittleness, yellowness and thickening. If you suspect you are suffering from a nail infection, Carroll suggests visiting your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. While you can try treating nail fungus at home, Carroll suggests going with an anti-fungal topical ointment like Jublia.

For more tips on treating, diagnosing and preventing foot and nail fungus, check out Carroll's tips below.

Everything You Need To Know About Foot Fungus