09/12/2016 06:04 EDT

Rafter Six Ranch Demolished By New Owners

Norbert Eisele-Hein via Getty Images
The paddock at Rafter Six Ranch, Exshaw, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, North America
CALGARY — It's the end for the Rafter Six Ranch west of Calgary. 

Stan and Gloria Cowley, the former owners of the ranch, are heartbroken, watching the buildings they put up be demolished by the new owner of the property.

They learned about the demolition last week when the Municipal District of Bighorn confirmed a permit had been issued to bring many of the buildings down, including the main lodge.

The Cowleys lost their ranch after partnering with a Calgary resort development company that went into receivership.

The family hung on to the Rafter Six name and continued a horseback riding and camping business adjacent to the ranch.

The M.D. says some of the older, more historic buildings on the property will not be torn down.

There no word on what the property will be used for or who bought the company — the municipality has not received a building permit.

"My husband and I built it, we put our hands into it, put the logs up, we did the work and greeted the guests and everything," said Gloria Cowley.

"To see this part of history, to see this lost and to see it destroyed, it's heartbreaking."


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