09/12/2016 15:15 EDT | Updated 09/13/2017 01:12 EDT

Gaylord the iguana found cold, but OK under neighbour's deck in Edmonton

EDMONTON — There's a happy ending to the story of Gaylord the iguana who ambled out of his west Edmonton home several weeks ago.

His owner, Mary Ann Holm, was frantic to find him, even offering a reward of $1,000.

Holm says the metre-and-a-half long, grey and green reptile was found under a deck across the street, a spot that had been searched several times.

A neighbour spotted him peeking out from under the deck and that's how they found him.

Holm says he was cold but OK, and now he's back to his old self.

She says she thinks Gaylord went on the lam Aug. 13 because he got spooked when she brought home a new pet, a dog.

"I'd had dogs around him in the past, and didn't anticipate that. He's never, ever tried to escape. I let him out in the summer all the time. So now he will be watched like a hawk," Holm said Monday.

Before Gaylord was found, a pet store thought they had found him.

Holm checked it out, but it wasn't him. However, she brought home that iguana, named Everest, and says the two are getting along.