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How To Do Fall 2016 Style Like Kim Kardashian

It's easier than you think.

From Balmain's Olivier Rousteing to Karl Lagerfeld, to her very own hubby, Kanye West, you’d be a fool to say that Kim Kardashian isn’t one of the biggest fashion icons of the year. Her style has evolved from tacky Hollywood socialite to haute mama, one waist trainer at a time. OK, she’s still got a bit of that Calabasas vibe of her past, but we kinda love her for it.

Whatever is behind her outfit inspiration, the 35-year-old reality TV star has been rocking some real bangin’ outfits lately. Just last month, she paraded up and down Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood in a drool-worthy, uber tight nude dress, unbuttoned just so. Fire red reflective sunglasses and her latest hairstyle du jour: wet, mermaid waves. Tell us you didn’t wish you looked like her even for a split second once those photographs began to circulate on social media.

But before you drown your sorrows in Instagram hashtags, know that Kim’s style is pretty easy to decode. Trust this expert, ahem, to break it down for you.

It appears as though Kim is the type of girl that goes through periods of acute fad syndrome. She’ll be super obsessed with a trend or style, and wear it for weeks straight, in different colours and iterations, before moving on to the next #obsession. For example, it seems like for fall, Kim’s been sporting tight, button down v-neck henley-style tops and dresses.

Vintage Galliano & Kanye West x Jacob the Jeweler's new collection for the VMA's

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Closed eyes, see things

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Another big trend we see integral to Kim’s fall style is twinning with her three-year-old daughter, North. Both girls showed up going "back to school" as the Insta universe quipped, in scintillating, silver sparkle dresses this past week.

Me & my mini me! #MSG #DaddysConcert #vetements #yeezyseason4clearmules

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She’s also always loved oversized outerwear worn with next to nothing underneath. That is a Kim K signature. Add in tall, tall boots, like the Balenciaga metallic ones North already had her hands on or a see-through version, and pair them in shorts of any colour, that go to the knee (think Bermuda short-meets-jeggings). And finally, free the nipple. They’ve become Kim's go-to fall accessory.

If you’re not sure about squeezing yourself into bodycon shorts, low cut, see-through tops and almost hip-high boots, there is one thing you can do to emulate more Kim K this fall. You can stick to wearing the colours black, olive green, nude, denim and white. Or, go for faceshields. We're particularly fond of the Robocop reflective faceshields she’s been wearing lately.

So tell us, how will you be channelling your inner Kim K this fall?

In the meantime, here's some Kim Kardashian outfit inspo try this season:

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