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5 Sitting Stretches That Will Save Your Back

We've got your back

If you work in an office environment, you probably spend most of your day sitting down staring into a glaring screen. Staying in this position is bound to give you and your body some grief. While you may feel inclined to push through the pain, ignoring aches will catch up to you sooner than later.

There are plenty of ways to combat constant back pain in the office, from maintaining an ergonomically friendly workstation to using back pain relief products. Stretching is another solution to your stiffness, with a number of joint-and-muscle-loosening exercises available to help get your sore back in shape. The simple activity of stretching out your torso, reaching to the sky, or touching your toes will do wonders for your back pain. Don't worry, we've got your back on this. Here are five great sitting stretches to throw into your regular workday routine.

Sitting Sun Salutation
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A variation on the full-body yoga exercise, a seated sun salutation targets back pain by stretching out the spine. Bring your hands together close to your chest and then slowly raise them above your head. From there, bend your body forward, putting your chest against your knees and placing your hands to the floor. Resume your original position and repeat as necessary.
Glute Stretches
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Not exercising your derriere could lead to muscle atrophy and lower back pain. A seated Piriformis stretch can help relax your piriformis, a "muscle that runs from your spine to the thigh bone." To get things started, place your left ankle over your right knee and gently bend forward from the hips. After holding for 30 seconds, repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.
Seated Spinal Twist
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Sitting in the same position all day can leave your back feeling tight, sore and tired. A simple spinal twist can help stimulate your nerves and decrease tension, while also exercising the soft tissue surrounding the spine.
Shoulder Squeeze
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If your computer screen isn't set up at eye level, you may unintentionally be lunging forward and putting plenty of stress on your neck and upper back. Beyond properly setting up your station, a shoulder-squeezing exercise can help loosen up those nerves. Bring both shoulders up, as if shrugging and then rotate your shoulders backwards and inwards for maximum results.
Side Stretches
Huffington Post Canada/ Sabrina Campolucci
Slouching can often lead to serious lower back pain, so loosening up these muscles is key. Try a side stretch, leaning over to one side with one hand held above your head and the other holding onto your chair. Keep this pose for 10 seconds and then switch sides. You'll immediately feel the pull slightly above your hips.

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