09/12/2016 03:38 EDT | Updated 09/12/2016 03:46 EDT

Toddler In Utah Suffocates Under Bean Bag Chair At Daycare

"It's a tragedy, it's a tragedy what happened."

A toddler in the U.S. died last week after he suffocated under a bean bag chair at a daycare centre.

KSTU reports Leonardo Sanchez was at the West Jordan Child Center in Utah on Sept. 8. After the toddler crawled under the chair, a daycare worker sat on it and began reading a book to other children, unaware Leonardo was underneath.

The boy would have turned two on Sept. 17, according to KUTV.

Leonardo Sanchez died at a daycare in West Jordan, Utah on Sept. 8. (Photo: Screengrab/KSTU/AOL)

"It's a tragedy, it's a tragedy what happened," Leonardo's mother, Danielle Sanchez, told KSTU.

"It's rough because you don't know when the last time is you are going to hold your child."

The employee is not facing any charges, according to Fox 13. A police investigation into the incident is ongoing.

'Somebody dropped the ball'

Sanchez said the death "baffles" her. She is seeking legal representation.

"How could this happen? "He's a big boy. How did they lose track of him?" she told KUTV.

"Too many kids, too much noise, overwhelmed, a bad day ... Somebody dropped the ball and now we're going to have to bury a boy because of that."

Danielle Sanchez, the toddler's mother, said her boy's death baffles her. (Photo: Screengrab/KSTU/AOL)

The daycare issued a statement saying it regrets the toddler's death and doesn't "pretend to understand" how tragic the situation is for the boy's family.

"We know the family well, we grieve with them and we pray God will provide them the comfort and peace they will inevitably need," the centre said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with funeral costs.

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