22 Books Published In The '80s We Still Love To Read

Never forget "The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole."

With school back in full swing, we're getting a bit nostalgic for all the books we read as youngsters and as adults entering university or college.

Many of us loved (and still love) books that were published in the '80s — a decade that saw an incredible wealth of thought-provoking, entertaining and beautifully written literature by talented authors.

Novels such as The Color Purple, The Handmaid's Tale and Love in the Time of Cholera filled our soul while books such as Ender's Game, The Vampire Lestat and Watchmen kept us up late at night.

So, although we aren't getting any book lists from our teachers, we can remember which books we loved when we were living life in the '80s, and add them to our reading pile again.

Read on below to find out which '80s books we still love.

'80s Books We Love