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Doug Ford Lambastes Trudeau, Confirms Plan For Political Return

"He is not qualified to be prime minister."

Live from Ford Nation, Doug is writing a book.

The former Toronto city councillor made the announcement Tuesday in a backyard news conference that was broadcast on Facebook Live at the Ford family’s Etobicoke, Ont. home.

“For years we’ve heard the media’s stories. For years we’ve heard our opposition’s stories. But now we’re able to tell the true story — the untold story,” he said, referencing the sentiments shared by his brother, the late Rob Ford.

Rob Ford, with his brother Doug nearby, speaks to media outside Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto on April 2, 2015 (Photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

“Two brothers, one vision,” he said. Rob’s widow Renata stood by her brother-in-law’s side during the news conference and did not comment on the upcoming book that will include passages from her late husband.

Plans for the book have been in the works for more than a year, but took a turn when the former mayor's health worsened.

“Unfortunately Rob became gravely ill while we were working on the book, and he insisted we finish what we started, drawing on a number of sources," Harper Collins editorial director Jim Gifford said in a statement.

A spokeswoman for the publisher told The Huffington Post Canada the Ford family offered to host the press conference at their home.

The book, titled “Ford Nation,” will blend voices from key Ford family figures including Doug, Renata, and matriarch Diane to “recount their family's struggles and triumphs.”

Due out on Nov. 22, Ford is expected to embark on a cross-country book tour after its release.

“It’s going to rock the media world. It’s going to rock the political world,” Ford said, adding that proceeds from the book will go toward a “wide variety” of charities.

Watch Ford’s full announcement:

The former politician also confirmed his plans to run for office within a year, teasing a bigger announcement that will follow after the book tour wraps.

Trudeau ‘not qualified to be prime minister’: Ford

Ford’s announcement comes amid growing speculation surrounding his return to the political arena following the death of his brother Rob in March.

He did not specify if he’s setting his sights on a seat at the federal, provincial, or municipal level.

In between plugs for his upcoming book, Ford lambasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s resume as being inadequate, calling him a “camp counsellor and part-time drama teacher” — twice.

“He is not qualified to be prime minister.”

He brought up Trudeau’s penchant for photo-ops and criticized him for “running around taking pictures with Vogue.”

“He is not qualified to be prime minister,” Ford said.

He also took aim at another federal Liberal, Seamus O’Regan, for holding a “double standard” by being critical of the former Toronto mayor’s well-known substance abuse problems.

Regan checked himself into rehab to adopt a “alcohol-free lifestyle” last year.

Donald Trump comparison brushed off

Ford also dismissed parallels some may draw between his late brother and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Referencing his brother as “founder of a populist movement” that swept him into the mayor’s office in 2010, Ford said, offering a simplified explanation for why populism is lifting certain candidates and political parties in the United Kingdom and America.

People are tired of “BS-ing politicians,” he said. They’re “as phony as a three-dollar bill.”

Competing with a chorus of crickets behind him and cicadas buzzing loudly overhead, Ford praised taxpayers for having a radar for endless politicking.

“The people are smarter than that,” he said.

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