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Jools Oliver Instagram: Haters Dump All Over Her Post-Baby Pic

This is ridiculous.

Jools Oliver is facing some harsh criticism from Instagram users. They're claiming a pic she posted last week does "not help" new mothers who are trying to lose the baby weight.

The mother-of-five and wife of world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver gave birth to baby River in early August.

Last Tuesday, Olivershowed off a new pair of pants on the 'gram with the caption: "Thank you to the fab girls @aceandjig finally 'almost' fitting into these gorgeous trousers so comfy post little baby and beyond @nadianarain think we have finally found our perfect trousers xxx."

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And while many of her followers left encouraging comments like, "You look amazing awesome Mumma" and "Wow! You look fantastic. And the pants are fabulous!" other users weren't as kind.

One person in particular seemed to take personal offense with the snap, and didn't appear to hold back their thoughts.

"Just saw a newspaper article about this photo and thought I'd come on here to comment (I dont usually comment on such things!)," yasmin_agg wrote. "I am currently pregnant with my 2nd baby. And every minute of every day Im scrutinising my weight like this by naturally slim women DO NOT help! Shouldnt you be more concerned about bonding with your child rather than how quickly you fit back into your jeans? How is this supposed to help other women in the same situation who doesnt snap back so quickly? @joolsoliver"

In response, Oliver commented back, writing, "@yasmin_agg honestly it's about the trousers!!! I didn't even think about the weight!!! For god sake I still have heaps to lose as I said earlier my teashirt hides a lot!!"

She continued, "It was merely a shout out to the lovely girls who sent me the trousers nothing more I hardly EVER put pictures up of myself and certainly not a 'selfie' I am confident with my body before during and after pregnancy and totally get that things don't go back to normal for at least 6 months to a year! If at all and after 5 babies I should know. The waist of the trousers is elasticated!!!!! So prob would have fitted when I was 9 months pregs! As for bonding with my baby... I feel no need to address this it's ridiculous. So please next time if I irritate you just unfollow me it was just meant to be a nice pic of a pair of good trews but has to turn in to a weight issue seems a bit weird to me and a totally shame !"

Other supporters came to the mother's defense as well.

"And if I looked as good as this lovely lady @yasmin_agg I would completely be "showing off" you got it, flaunt it!," one user wrote.

"@yasmin_agg you've no idea what jools priorities are. She's naturally slim so is probably lucky to snap back quickly. I still have a few lbs to lose after my second by that's nothing to do with her! I'm sure she is bonding perfectly well with her new addition," said another.

But it seems as though Oliver has since moved on from the situation, posting an encouraging quote on kindness from Roald Dahl on Friday.

Can't we all just start supporting mother's (regardless of size) a little more?

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