09/13/2016 12:13 EDT

TIFF 2016: Ryan Gosling And Emma Stone Are Adorable On The Red Carpet For 'La La Land'

They're pretty much our fave TIFF BFFs.

If there are two stars in Hollywood who are constantly declaring their crazy, stupid, love for each other, it's Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

They did it in 2011...

And again in 2013...

Look, Ryan can't keep his eyes off her!

Their friendship is adorable. We love it. It melts our hearts and makes us believe in magic (or something). So when we heard the "Gangster Squad" pair were bring their special bond (and new film) to the Toronto International Film Festival, we were exxcccciiiitttteeed.

Starring in their third movie together, Gosling and Stone hit the "La La Land" red carpet on Monday and looked oh-so-cute doing so.

Beaming in a soft yellow Chanel mini-dress equipped with T-shirt sleeves and adorned in floral details, Stone elegantly showed off her ankle-strap heels and diamond rings as she stood next to the charming Canadian. Pushing back her signature red locks with a simple cream-coloured headband, the 27-year-old Academy Award-nominated actress wore an edgy beauty look which consisted of a dark lined eye, bold brow and nude lip.

As for Gosling, the 35-year-old kept things simple with a navy suit which was covered in tiny polka dot details. He wore a sharp, white collared shirt underneath.

And you can bet the pair were gushing about each other all night long on the red carpet. Ryan even said he likes working with Emma because he "think she's secretly Canadian" (a.k.a. she's "wildly apologetic for no reason at all").

Good ol' Emma, eh?!

"Well, you know we've made two films together, now three. And so it's great to work with people you know," Gosling said of working with Stone in an interview with E! News. "It just makes working together — I think it brings the best out of you because you know one another and you're able to you know, help each other in way that you can't if you're with strangers."

As for Stone, she kept things short and sweet saying Gosling was "great."

"He's a fantastic actor, and it's just so much fun to work with him. It's kind of all there is to it, really! It's no more exciting than that — or less exciting than that!"

Umm, BFF goals? We think so.

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