09/14/2016 05:09 EDT | Updated 09/15/2017 01:12 EDT

Bruised NDP caucus meets in Montreal ahead of fall sitting in Parliament

MONTREAL — A deflated federal NDP caucus is meeting in Montreal this morning as outgoing leader Tom Mulcair tries to paper over a caucus controversy.

Multiple current and former NDP MPs have confirmed to The Canadian Press they believe Mulcair should step away now, instead of next fall when a new chief is named, to allow for party renewal.

Mulcair has made it clear he has no plans to go anywhere, and some MPs still support him.

During the fall sitting of Parliament, the NDP plans to challenge the Liberal government's approach on climate change, health care funding and indigenous affairs.

There are several internal issues plaguing the NDP including sliding poll numbers, shrinking fundraising figures and low morale after devastating election results last October.

There are no candidates so far in the race to replace Mulcair.