Eating Seafood In St. John's Doesn't Get Any More Beautiful Than This

From the waters of Newfoundland to your plate — in an hour.

Eating locally in St. John's is a hands-on experience. For some tourists, it quite literally means using your hands.

That's particularly true if you're "Like A Tourist" host Dan Rodo. He's teamed up with Cod Sounds Culinary Adventures to get a taste of the city's food scene.

Now, Rodo's no stranger to uncovering hidden gems in Canadian cities, but something tells us he's never quite had to actually dig up mussels and clams at low tide for his next meal.

Thankfully, he's joined by local Newfoundlander Krista Legge who had a different kind of reaction to their seaside bounty. So ditch the candles, lose the table cloth and grab a seat by the fire, because you're about to watch how Newfoundlanders food forage in the video above.

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