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Ewan McGregor Daughter: She's All Grown Up And Following Dad's Lead

She's one multi-talented lady.

Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor's oldest daughter Clara has decided to try her hand at acting.

However, the 20 year old is in no rush to steal the spotlight. “I don’t even have an agent yet -- I feel like I need to have more to show for myself before I really put it out there," she told The Telegraph. "I want to get good at it first, to really master it.”

Here are a few other interesting facts about her.

1. She's a talented photographer

happy day of fathers to you!

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The whole series is up on my website -!vera/l1qac

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While her future may be on screen, Clara also enjoys shooting behind the lens. And she's pretty darn good at it! Just take a look at her portfolio.

Before she went to college, Clara thought she'd become a photographer. “Ever since I was little, I had a camera which I would walk around with," she told the Sunday Mail.

But then film caught her attention.

2. She's an animal lover

Home is where the 🐶 is

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Channeling my inner 🐶

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According to her Instagram page, home is wherever the pooch is.

McGregor and his wife, production designer Eve Mavrakis, have four daughters, of which Clara is the oldest. Her sisters are Anouk, Jamyan and Esther.

“It really is such a strongly female household,” Clara told The Telegraph earlier this year. “Sid, our dog, is the only other boy, giving Dad some back-up.”

3. She studies at New York University

Beauty and brains.

4. She's a world traveller

this view 🌎

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When Clara isn't travelling between Los Angeles and New York, she loves to hang out in, oh you know, Santorini, Greece. No biggie.

Thanks to her mom, she and her sisters also speak French at home.

5. The girl loves to eat!

Sunny side ⬆️

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If you take a casual stroll down her Instagram page, you can see Clara definitely won't hold back when it comes time to get her grub on.

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