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Pravana's New "Blonde Wand" Highlights Your Hair In A Matter Of Seconds


If you've ever coloured your hair before, you know how long the process is. It's you, with foil on your head for hours and hours. You get tired, you get hungry and eventually your phone battery dies. And don't even mention how much cash you have to dish out. Ugh, the things we do for pretty hair.

But beauty lovers, what if we told you that all this is about to change with a revolutionary new hair tool that is hitting a salon near you?

Cue the Blonde Wand.

Launching on Oct. 1st, Pravana is about to unleash "the biggest thing to happen in blonding ... ever!" with the Blonde Wand, a handheld device that speeds up the lightening proves and leaves hair in better condition than traditional colouring.

Check out the video:

According to the professional salon brand, the tool, which will be the biggest launch for Pravana in its 12-year history, lightens hair by seven levels in just 10 seconds.

So how does it work? After applying the Crème Lightener (which is loaded with coconut oil) using foils, a colourist then glides the Blonde Wand over the foils to "expedite the lightening process by using heat," as Cosmopolitan notes.

Since the plates of the tool don't actually touch the foil, but rather hover, less hair is singed. As Refinery29 says, there is "just enough heat to rapid-lighten" which is better than having your head under a dryer for hours.

The lightening cream, which is only kept on the hair for a short time, also proves to be less damaging with its moisturizing coconut oil effect, making the Blonde Wand experience is a much more healthy colouring solution.

Sounding a bit too good to be true and you need to see some receipts? Here you go.


And as noted in the video for the product, it took 2.5 hours to achieve a highlight look without the use of the Blonde Wand and just 1.5 hours with the Blonde Wand.

The Blonde Wand will retail for $80 USD and will be available at salons starting Oct. 1st.

Now THIS is something we need to try.

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