09/16/2016 06:03 EDT | Updated 09/19/2016 02:31 EDT

Canada Rental Rates Graph: What It Costs To Rent In Almost Every City But Vancouver

Give up and move somewhere else, already.

Renting a home is a pricey prospect in some Canadian cities.

In certain places, like Vancouver, you're not only contending with Canada's highest rents but a serious lack of supply.

It's a little easier in most other cities. But in many cases, not by much.

Rental listing website Rentseeker released an infographic Wednesday showing just what it costs to rent in 20 cities besides Vancouver.

Rentseeker calculated average rental rates in each city by looking at studio and one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. It determined averages by looking at how much listings cost on its website, and then filtered them through an algorithm that tracks listing price changes in real-time.

Toronto emerged as the priciest city in which to rent a studio apartment.

The cheapest? Windsor.

But the Six didn't top every housing category. It was more expensive to rent certain places in Montreal than it was in Toronto. That's just one surprise the infographic had in store.

This is how much it costs to rent a place in 20 Canadian cities:

Click for full size.

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