09/16/2016 10:22 EDT

28 Mouthwatering Cauliflower Recipes

It's so versatile!

As far as vegetables go, cauliflower is often neglected and much maligned. It’s the ingredient nobody wants to see in a mixed frozen medley, the one you leave on your plate when you order a side of “seasonal variety” vegetables at a restaurant.

When prices for the cruciferous veggie shot up near the end of last year, the resounding reaction was not shock or dismay but the question: “Who would ever pay that much for cauliflower?”

But a few forward-thinking souls have been helping cauliflower have a bit of a renaissance in recent years.

Low-carb and paleo dieters have embraced it for its versatility and ability to take on different flavours easily while vegans and vegetarians use it instead of meat in dishes like curries. And some people just let cauliflower shine as it is, making it the star of soups, stews, and casseroles.

From classic recipes for pickles and Indian dishes to low-carb re-imaginings, here are 28 cauliflower recipes that will make you see the vegetable in new ways.

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