09/17/2016 10:32 EDT | Updated 09/17/2016 12:33 EDT

Dario Devic, Mountie Charged With Luring, Wants To Fight 'Creep Catchers' Allegations

A vigilante group livestreamed a sting where members confronted a man they allege was going to meet an underage girl.

VANCOUVER — The lawyer for a British Columbia RCMP officer charged with luring after a sting by a vigilante group says his client will vigorously defend himself.

Rishi Gill says Const. Dario Devic is eager to have the matter dealt with before the court.

Gill confirms Devic faces a luring charge and one of breach of trust, allegations that will come before a judge again next month.

Last week the RCMP announced they arrested an officer after a group that calls itself Surrey Creep Catchers livestreamed a sting where its members gathered to confront a man who they alleged was going to meet an underage girl. 

A still from a Facebook video shows an unidentified man running. (Photo: Surrey McCatch/Facebook)

Police have not identified the officer, saying only that he has been removed from duty and was released from custody last weekend with conditions.

Creep Catchers is a loose collection of organizations across Canada that tout themselves as being dedicated to exposing and publicly shaming people they claim are child sexual predators.

Their members pose online as minors before meeting in person to film and berate their targets.

The RCMP have warned citizen groups against confronting alleged child predators, and said doing so could put people in danger and obstruct official police investigations.

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